Mary Twardzik and her original Pierogy recipe were the inspiration for this successful business that started back in 1952. Everybody in town loved the Pierogies she made to share at gatherings like church dinners, especially her son, Ted. He spent his childhood watching, learning, and of course, tasting these delights. After college, he spent a year working for an accounting firm before realizing this Polish specialty might have wider appeal. After all, if they did so well at church dinners, why wouldn’t they be a favorite everywhere?
Sticking to his Schuylkill (pronounced Skoo-kil) County roots, Ted returned home to Shenandoah, PA, and started making Pierogies in the very same kitchen where he had grown up watching his mother cook. Six weeks later, Mom asked him to move the mess elsewhere, and the rest is history. Ted set up shop in his father’s former tavern and began churning out those potato-filled pasta shells by the dozen!
The company has expanded to many of the surrounding buildings over the years, but that tavern still remains a part of the Ateeco (“A ‘T’ [for Twardzik] Company”) headquarters. Today, Ted's son, Tom is President of the company, which proudly employs nearly 230 people in its Pennsylvania plant. This makes Ateeco the largest employer in Shenandoah. With only 6,000 residents, this small town in Schuylkill County has made Ateeco the success it is today!
Over 13 million Pierogies in 14 different varieties leave Ateeco’s kitchens every week. That’s over half a billion Pierogies a year! Whether it’s feeding a small group of friends or large U.S. military commissaries overseas, Mrs. T’s has a size and a taste for everyone! For the home table, we sell our delicious Pierogies in package sizes of 12 and 24 in retail, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Larger counts of 48 and 72 are available for club and food service establishments, and Mini Pierogies come in 28 counts. From Shenandoah, PA, to Seattle, WA, Mrs. T’s Pierogies are distributed all across America.
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Mrs. T’s produces over 600 million pierogies a year!
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